Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tips for Buying Barns

Steel barns can provide ideal protection for your livestock, feed and farm equipment from the sun, rain, wind and snow throughout the year. These are resistant to termites, mold and mildew and therefore involve no maintenance cost. Moreover, steel barns require only lesser time for installation compared to traditional structures, and are cheaper options too. Nowadays, steel barns serve as an ideal place for outdoor events such as birthday parties, barbeques, weddings, and family reunions.

Here are a few helpful tips for buying barns:
• Steel barns are available in different sizes. Choose one that suits your requirements from the available single, double or triple section structures.
• Decide on the sidewall heights you require for your barn. Usually these are provided in the range of 5 feet- 12 feet. Gable roof structures come with around 3 feet additional clearance for a unit’s center section.
• Consider whether you need a completely or partially enclosed structure. You can have your barn completely enclosed with standard or roll-up walk-in doors. You can also ask for windows for your barn that will allow passage of sunlight as well as sufficient ventilation.
• Ensure that the barn you buy has durable framing and standard roof and side panels to provide full protection against hostile weather.
• When buying barns, choose a color that will ideally complement the color of your house or farm buildings.
• Horse barns are ideal to provide shelter for your horses. You can request for a structure with excellent ventilation that will ensure a comfortable environment for your beloved equines.
• Decide whether you need a certified or non-certified product. Certified barns have snow or wind load rating and are built in compliance with your state or local building codes. These come with an engineer’s stamp of approval. Uncertified models don’t have an engineer’s stamp of approval and are not snow or wind load rated. These are intended for agricultural use.
• Consider your budget. If you don’t want to invest all your valuable savings in buying a barn, go for the financing plans offered by certain reputable dealers.
• If you are not sure about the size you require, you can always call the friendly support staff at your dealers’, who can offer assistance with selecting a suitable model.

The above guidelines can assist you in buying your barn, whether you are looking for pole barns, horse barns, or storage barns. Visit the website of a reliable and experienced dealer offering barns, and browse the various models available. You can avail of the service and support of experienced consultants who can guide you in selecting a suitable model.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Things to Consider When Buying Carports for Vehicles

Carports are a valuable investment and have excellent utility value because they serve multiple purposes. If you are planning to install a carport on your property, there are certain things you need to consider before finalizing on a particular model. You have a wide variety of car ports to choose from and it is important that you find one that ideally suits your requirements.

• Consider how many vehicles you need to park in your carport. You should also have a clear idea about the dimensions of your vehicles. In line with your requirements, decide on a single, double or triple carport design.
• Consider whether you want to use the car port for other purposes also – such as a workspace, or to store farm/yard equipment. You can also plan for a utility carport that comes with considerable open parking space as well as spacious enclosed storage at the back.
Metal carports are highly durable and among these steel carports are the best options if you are looking for true value for your money.
• Go for a color and design that vibes well with your residential structure and your vehicle. You can customize the car port as regards roof style, entry points, sidewall heights and other features. You can also choose to have it completely or partially enclosed.
• Decide whether you want a certified or non-certified model – certified structures have an engineer’s stamped approval and are wind and snow load rated for compliance with state, county and city regulations. If your requirement is to store your farm equipment, it is enough that you install a non-certified structure.
• Budget is an important consideration when buying metal or steel carports. If you are really in need of a car port, but don’t have the money ready, the best alternative is to find a dealer that offers attractive financing for your single, double or triple carports.
• Buy from a dealer that provides installation services. This will ensure that your carport is safely installed according to relevant building regulations.

Convenient Online Purchase Options from Reliable Dealers

Steel carports can be conveniently bought from dependable dealers that focus on providing premium products to their customers. They can help you choose the right structure that will ideally meet your particular requirements. When you decide to utilize such reliable services, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product and dependable installation and maintenance support.

Monday, 11 June 2012

RV Carports – a Smart Investment for Your RVs

RVs are valuable investments that need to be protected at all costs. The best way to ensure that your RV is proof against sun, rain, snow, leaves and bird droppings is to have a strong cover over it – so, invest in an RV carport. These carports can provide excellent cover for your RV, car, camper, truck, boat, SUV, farm/yard equipment, motorcycles and what not. They can also ensure you the workshop space you may be looking for. Available in a variety of designs, RV carports are made of materials such as steel, wood and aluminum. Steel car ports are sturdier than those made of wood and aluminum.

Steel RV Car Ports – Flexible, Customizable and Durable
Steel RV Carports can be customized to meet your particular requirements. Though primarily intended to house vehicles, these car ports are versatile enough to be upgraded to meet extra storage requirements. They can even be built to provide extra living and working space. You can choose from various roofing design, window, door and finish options available.  RV carports are best bought from a dealer with considerable experience in the field. Partnership with a reputable dealer is beneficial in many ways. Such a dealer will be able to identify individual requirements and build a steel RV carport that can meet those; this will ensure that you do not invest in a structure that is too big for your requirements. 

RV car ports made of steel are durable because the metal does not deteriorate over time. Moreover, it can withstand heavy loads and provide high resistance to extreme weather conditions. They do not usually require extensive repair or maintenance work.

Portable Carports – Ideal for Temporary Use
Portable RV car ports can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes them an ideal choice when you want them for temporary use. If you want to provide shelter during a party, if you plan to move from one place to another, or if you are looking to provide shelter for livestock during winter, these come in handy. RV carports that are portable are great options when you plan a trip. Usually, these come with support beams and a metal roof.

Open and Enclosed Carports – Choose According to Your Requirement
You can choose to install either open or enclosed carports according to your requirements. Carports can be partially or fully enclosed, the latter providing complete protection from the elements. Purchase your RV car port from a reliable dealer that can offer efficient installation and maintenance services. When you get your carport installed by a recognized dealer, you can rest assured that all city, county or state building requirements are met. You can also look for attractive financing options that will help you install the carport without burning a hole in your pocket.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Carports and Garages – Solid Insurance for Your Prized Possessions

You may have just purchased your dream vehicle, investing your hard-earned money in it. Now you can’t just leave it there in the open, prey to the sun, rain, hail and snow. Left exposed, your vehicle is also prone to acquire nicks and fine scratches. So you need to make your vehicle feel safe and protected. Spend some more money to put a roof over your valued possession – invest in a carport or garage. Carports and garages can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Carports to Add Style and Value to Your Home

Custom carports are designed to complement your vehicle, house or barn. You can choose from a variety of color and roof style options. Roof options include:

• A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with horizontal roof panels (standard)
• Rounded-Corner Carport available with horizontal roof panels
• A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with vertical roof panels (optional)

Standard features for all carport structures include 14-gauge steel tubular framing and 29-gauge roof panels designed to withstand harsh weather.

Single carports, double carports, and triple carports can be installed according to specific customer requirements. If you are looking for some extra storage space, you can ask for carports with storage. Other customization options include enclosed or partially enclosed structures. You can also decide on a suitable access point – from the ends of the structure or from the sides. Seasoned carport dealers can offer you excellent design options including bird blocks that will prevent the feathered flock from inhabiting the roof of your car port. Some dealers give customers the option of building a carport that can be transformed into a shed or garage later on, if needed.

Garages – Spacious Extension to Your Home

A steel garage will be a spacious extension to your home, enabling you to house not only your vehicles, but also store pieces of greenhouse/farm/yard equipment. It can provide you with that extra workspace you may have been looking for. It can also be the venue for your house parties. Pre-fabricated steel garages are a comparatively inexpensive option than a brick and mortar structure. Once installed, steel structures are relatively maintenance free and offer remarkable resistance against the harsh elements. Steel garages can be made to look more attractive with the variety of exterior finish options available now. These exterior finishes can make the garage an ideal complement to your wood, brick, concrete or stone building.

Buy from Reliable Steel Carport Dealers

Nowadays, you can make secure online purchase from the comfort of your home. Visit the website of a reputable steel carport dealer and browse the various models of carports and garages available. Support staff at the dealer’s can help you identify the right model for your purpose. You can even get attractive financing options that will help you secure the product you need without making a heavy investment.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Carport Empire Offers a Full Line of Carports to Meet Commercial and Residential Needs

 Based in Florida, Carport Empire is a leading distributor specialized in the design and installation of quality car ports. The company offers an array of open and closed carports for all commercial and residential applications, with varied configurations and design elements, including several roof styles and a full spectrum of colors.

Carports are one of the most cost-effective solutions to protect your exposed vehicles. Single carports, double car ports, triple carports, RV car ports boat carports, and carport garages are available. The metal carports offered protect cars, trucks, boats, trailers and RVs. These steel carports are durable and affordable, and come in a range of colors and configurations to meet unique specifications. Clients can choose from several carport roof styles with standard and optional features.

The company provides shipment and installation in all 48 states. Carport Empire offers installation of all carports in compliance with city, county or state building requirements. They also provide competitive $0 money down financing plans to qualified buyers. Customers can make secure and convenient online purchases from Carport Empire.

About Carport Empire

Carport Empire is one of the largest distributors of quality car ports, carport garages, steel buildings and RV carports in the United States. They currently offer installation services in all 48 states. The company has several distribution centers to allow for prompt delivery and installation of all new steel buildings, carports, carport garages and RV carports. Carport Empire stands behind the products it sells and the company’s friendly staff is always available to provide A-1 service. The company’s corporate offices are conveniently located in north Florida near the intersection of Interstate 75 and Interstate 10 in Live Oak, Florida.

To find out more about Carport Empire and the superior line of products offered, call 1- (800) 985-7678 or visit http://www.carportempire.com