Monday, 4 June 2012

Carports and Garages – Solid Insurance for Your Prized Possessions

You may have just purchased your dream vehicle, investing your hard-earned money in it. Now you can’t just leave it there in the open, prey to the sun, rain, hail and snow. Left exposed, your vehicle is also prone to acquire nicks and fine scratches. So you need to make your vehicle feel safe and protected. Spend some more money to put a roof over your valued possession – invest in a carport or garage. Carports and garages can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Carports to Add Style and Value to Your Home

Custom carports are designed to complement your vehicle, house or barn. You can choose from a variety of color and roof style options. Roof options include:

• A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with horizontal roof panels (standard)
• Rounded-Corner Carport available with horizontal roof panels
• A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with vertical roof panels (optional)

Standard features for all carport structures include 14-gauge steel tubular framing and 29-gauge roof panels designed to withstand harsh weather.

Single carports, double carports, and triple carports can be installed according to specific customer requirements. If you are looking for some extra storage space, you can ask for carports with storage. Other customization options include enclosed or partially enclosed structures. You can also decide on a suitable access point – from the ends of the structure or from the sides. Seasoned carport dealers can offer you excellent design options including bird blocks that will prevent the feathered flock from inhabiting the roof of your car port. Some dealers give customers the option of building a carport that can be transformed into a shed or garage later on, if needed.

Garages – Spacious Extension to Your Home

A steel garage will be a spacious extension to your home, enabling you to house not only your vehicles, but also store pieces of greenhouse/farm/yard equipment. It can provide you with that extra workspace you may have been looking for. It can also be the venue for your house parties. Pre-fabricated steel garages are a comparatively inexpensive option than a brick and mortar structure. Once installed, steel structures are relatively maintenance free and offer remarkable resistance against the harsh elements. Steel garages can be made to look more attractive with the variety of exterior finish options available now. These exterior finishes can make the garage an ideal complement to your wood, brick, concrete or stone building.

Buy from Reliable Steel Carport Dealers

Nowadays, you can make secure online purchase from the comfort of your home. Visit the website of a reputable steel carport dealer and browse the various models of carports and garages available. Support staff at the dealer’s can help you identify the right model for your purpose. You can even get attractive financing options that will help you secure the product you need without making a heavy investment.


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