Sunday, 5 August 2012

Car Canopies in Customizable Configurations

Car canopies do an excellent job of safeguarding vehicles from severe weather conditions. If you don’t have the budget or the space to build a full-fledged garage, then a car canopy is surely a better alternative. These portable structures can be attached to any building or can be built free-standing. They also act as the perfect spot for sheltering pets, as a venue for family get-togethers, a picnic pavilion or for storing household articles. Car canopies in customizable configurations are designed to ideally meet individual customer requirements.

Why Choose Customized Car Canopies?

Customized car canopies enhance the functionality and beauty of your back yard or garden. The price of the product varies according to the size of the structure and material used. To match your requirements and preferences, different types of car covers are available in the market. Car canopies come in a range of attractive roof styles and colors to complement your home or building.

Steel car canopy is a widely accepted product made of high quality steel to protect your car from the destructive effects of rain, snow, sun and wind.  This protective cover helps to save valuable dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on painting jobs and other repairs. These types of canopies are less affected by moisture and are fire resistant. A metal car canopy designed according to building codes and authorization requirements can endure heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 100mph, 130mph and 150mph.

Benefits of Customized Car Canopies

Depending on how canopies are used and transformed, there are a quite number of benefits. Some of them are:
• Portable car canopies are quick to set up
• Easy to customize according to your ideas
• Exceptional protection from natural elements
• Availability of product catalog showing the wide range of colors, styles and designs to choose from
• Durable, maintenance-free and affordable
• Innovative and compact designs help to utilize the space efficiently
It is possible to fix windows and roll-up doors for good ventilation and easy access if the structure is fully enclosed. You can choose from certified and non-certified car canopies depending on the weather conditions of your geographical area. Certified structures that are load rated are designed to meet the building codes and permitting requirements of the particular region.

Get Maximum Value for Your Money
To get maximum value for your money, choose an established car canopy dealer having great experience in the field. Such dealers provide competitive prices, great product lines, reliable customer support, free shipping, perfect installation and time bound after sales service. You can search the internet or ask your friends to get information regarding a reputable dealer in your area. Car canopies in customizable configurations will be a smart and cost-effective investment if you get a structure that is just perfect for your use.

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